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Customer Information

To start your application, please provide your personal information. Your information will be kept secure and will only be used to apply for services.

Customer Info (cont)

Customer Information (cont)

Choose Your Bundle

Choose Your Bundle

Get home phone, home internet, and mobile data on one easy plan.

Home Phone + Home Internet

Home Phone + Home Internet + (1) Mobile Plan

All Mobile Plans include unlimited local voice, SMS ,and your choice of Mobile Data. 1 or 2-year contract required for Mobile Plan. Mobile Plan rates will revert back to standard rates if wireline services are terminated.

Service Information

Home Phone Service Options

Your Home Phone services includes five FREE calling features: Caller ID with number, Call-Waiting, 3-Way Calling, and Unconditional Call Forwarding.

Home Internet Service Information

Additional fees may apply

-Service Order Processing - $40.00

-Inside Wiring - $45.00/hr

-Filter - $5.00

-Premise Visit - $30.00

-Modem Maintenance Service - $5.00/mo

-Modem Replacement - $90.00/ea

Mobile Service Information

Customer Location

Customer Location

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


"Customers" means the party whose signature appears on this Service Application and Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Agreement”) as the authorized signature for billing responsibility. “Cancellation” means any termination of this contract including but not limited to active cancellation by the customer or by the customer’s nonpayment of contractual financial obligations. A place change fee and/or early cancellation fee may be assessed and charged are due before a new service plan goes in effect.

Financial Responsibility
By signing this Agreement, Customer;
(a) Authorizes IT&E to verify customer’s credit in order to process the request for service;
(b) If receiving service under a company account, agrees to accept full personal responsibility for any charges due to IT&E;
(c) Agrees to pay in a timely manner and perform all obligations which are owed to IT&E under this agreement;
(d) Consents to IT&E’s application of security deposit toward the balance of any outstanding unpaid service bill incurred by the Customer.
(e) Acknowledges that any cellular unit purchased from IT&E at a price discounted below landed cost is in exchange for completion of this Agreement.
(f) Acknowledges that their Master Account must be in Current status to avail of any promotions or to add on any additional lines.
(g) Accepts all terms and conditions of this agreement.

All notices to the customer shall be delivered to the address on the application; notices to IT&E shall
be delivered to P.O. Box 24881 GMF, GU 96921. For Customer Service, please call (671) 922-4483
for Guam, (670) 682-4483 for Saipan.

Bring Your Phone (BYP) Plans
The BYP plans are for customers who subscribe to a plan with a device that has been paid in full. Early Cancellation Penalty of $150 is applied if plan is terminated before the completion of the contract term. If the customer later purchases a subsidized device with IT&E, it will result in discontinuation of the subscription to a BYP plan. The customer must then subscribe to a regular postpaid mobile plan.

Unlimited Plan
Tethering data is capped at 5GB per month

Mobile Add-On Lines
Mobile Add-On lines must have a minimum of 24 month contract agreement. All lines on any Mobile Add-On lines must follow one contract date. Any changes to any line on a Mobile Add-On will follow the recent contract date.

Return Policy
3 Day Refund Policy – Our customers have 3 days from the date of purchase to return the mobile device for a refund. A $20 restocking fee will be charged. All returned units must have the original proof of purchase receipts, the equipment must be in like-new condition with no visible damage. It must be in its original packaging, including all accessories, manuals, original OEM unit (no replacedfaceplates or housing), the original OEM battery and wall charger. IT&E reserves the right to inspect the unit and make the final determination if the unit qualifies for a return.

30 Day Manufacturer Warranty – Our customers have 30 days from the date of purchase to exchange the mobile device if it is classified as a ‘manufacturer defect’. The manufacturer warranty is void if there is water damage, physical damage, replaced OEM faceplates/housing, damaged caused by heat exposure, direct sunlight/humidity, tampering of hardware/software, hard resetting without assistance of IT&E mobile technician.

Rates and Fees
The customer agrees to pay to IT&E all applicable rates and charges under this Agreement. The rates and charges that are applicable to the services provided under this agreement are subject to change. The customer will be advised of any changes 30 days prior to the change. The customer will be billed at those rates and charges after such change becomes effective. The rates and charges during any renewal term may also be subject to change. Mobile airtime charges are billed in one-minute increments. Fractions of minutes will be
rounded off to the next minutes.

Customer will also be responsible for any additional fees associated with any mobile applications that are used.

Early Cancellation Penalty (ECP)
The termination or plan change before the end of the term of this contract is considered Early Cancellation and the following fees and penalties may be assessed. An Early Cancellation Access Fee of $150.00 will be charged for the termination of services. An Early Cancellation Handset Penalty will be charged for those plans that were entered into with the purchase of a subsidized handset. The
Early Cancellation Handset Penalty is the Remaining Months on the Contract x Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) of the plan being cancelled.

Payment Extension
Customers may request for a payment extension to avoid disconnection due to an unpaid balance. A fee of $20 must be paid in full upon request of extension. Payment extensions are only allowed for accounts with a balance that is less than 60 days past due. Late fees apply.

If any obligation which is owed under this Agreement is not paid within 30 day, IT&E reserves the right to take any and all reasonable action necessary to enforce and protect its rights. IT&E will be entitled, to the maximum extent provided by law, to reasonable attorney’s fee and costs in the event of default including but not limited to the reimbursement of collection agency fees in the event the unpaid obligation is referred to a collection agency.

Use of Service and Network Availability
Services are available within the operating range of the IT&E network. Coverage and quality of Service may be affected by conditions beyond our control, including atmospheric, geographic, topographic conditions or any act or omission of any other carrier. IT&E shall not be liable for any incidental, consequential, punitive or special damages of any nature whatsoever arising out of, or in connection with our providing or failure to provide services including, without limitation, lost profits, loss of business or cost of replacement products and services. By requesting Services with IT&E, you also agree that you will not use Services and Equipment in any unlawful, fraudulent or abusive manner. IT&E reserves the right to protect its network from harm to limit throughout and/or deny or terminate service to anyone believed to be using the service in any manner prohibited and/or whose usage adversely impacts the network and/or service levels. Upon reaching mobile data limit, subscribers will experience reduced speeds of up to 256kbps.

Roaming refers to continued cellular Voice, SMS, and/or Data services when travelling outside of IT&E’s local network coverage on Guam & CNMI. This allows customers to continue to access cellular services when travelling abroad as part of cooperative agreements between IT&E and other foreign and domestic network operators. IT&E offers two roaming solutions, Direct Roaming and Sponsored Global Roaming. The utilized solution is dependent on the destination. Rates may differ between Direct Roaming and Sponsored Global Roaming. IT&E is not liable for any roaming charges that are accrued while abroad. IT&E recommends that customers contact IT&E Customer Care to ensure roaming services are enabled on your plan before traveling and to receive any applicable special instructions.

Toll & Roaming Restriction: IT&E reserves the right to apply toll and roaming restriction to the
customer’s service if the customer incurs any unpaid or high unbilled toll charges.

Mobile Passport
Mobile Passport services DO NOT include roaming talk and text charges. IT&E customers can use their local data buckets at eligible destinations. Full list of Mobile Passport destinations can be found at In the Philippines, the Unlimited Plan is $10 per day. In South Korea, the Unlimited Plan and the 40GB plan are FREE, all other data buckets are $10 per day. In all other Mobile Passport countries, the Unlimited Plan is $20 per day and $10 per day for data buckets 200MB to 40GB. Data roaming services must be enabled on your IT&E account and your handset settings to avail of Mobile Passport services. Data roaming services to participating destinations are default upon arrival. To disable Mobile Passport you must turn OFF data roaming services on your
handset before traveling.

Long Distance
Long distance refers to calls made outside of Guam & CNMI. IT&E is not liable for any Long distance charges that are accrued. IT&E highly recommends that customers contact IT&E Customer care to verify long distance rates. IT&E customers are automatically enabled with Long distance services, if the customer chooses to opt out, he/she must contact our IT&E Customer Care to block the services. Toll & Long Distance Restriction: IT&E reserves the right to apply toll & long distance restriction to the Customer’s service if Customer incurs any unpaid or high unbilled toll charges. I understand the toll & long distance restriction terms.

Universal Service Fund (USF) Fee
A Universal Service Fund (USF) fee will be charged to all mobile and wireline accounts on a monthly basis.

IT&E Voice & SMS roaming services are automatically enabled during the time of activation. Data roaming is blocked unless otherwise requested by the customer.