Fantastic value when you keep your phone and activate a new plan

Are you switching to IT&E and bringing your phone with you?

See how much more you can do with your phone on the widest 4G LTE network in the Marianas.
Get 1 month of free service with a 12-month contract; or 2 months of free service with a 24-month contract

when you activate a Bring Your Phone Plan.


New customers enjoy 1 month of free service when you sign a 12-month contract*, or 2 months of free service for a 24-month contract*. Plus get an extra 1 month free for keeping and transferring your current local phone number to IT&E*.

*Free service not available on $65 Unlimited Plan.


4G LTE Data / $65


4G LTE Data / $50


4G LTE Data / $30


Your on-the-go family can share one convenient family phone plan for smart savings on shared LTE data. And every member gets unlimited talk and text, so you’re always connected.


for 2 lines

Shared 4G LTE Data / $100


for 3 lines

Shared 4G LTE Data / $125


for 4 lines

Shared 4G LTE Data / $150


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