Voicemail Instructions

Reset Voicemail PIN
  • Dial *86 for tutorial or have a Customer Service Representative manually reset PIN
Checking Your Voicemail
  • To listen to your New Mail PRESS 1
  • To replay your message PRESS 4
  • To delete your message PRESS 7
  • To listen to your saved message PRESS 9
  • To Skip to the next message PRESS #
  • To return to the main menu PRESS *
Press 2 for Personal Options
  • To change your greeting PRESS 1
  • To change your Password PRESS 2

(IT&E is not liable for missed Voicemail messages, or deletions of messages from your voice mailbox, even if you’ve saved them. Your IT&E mailbox is not password protected until you initialize it by following the tutorial prompts to select a password and record a voice signature and personalized greeting.)