Thank You for Your Service

Be proud of your military service

Staying connected to loved ones around the world can be a challenge. It’s crucial to be able to video-call family members and catch up with friends on social media.

Staying in touch is easier. Choose between FREE long-distance calls to the U.S. or 10% off your monthly payment on the Unlimited Data Plan or 30GB Data Plan. Military dependents and veterans can also enjoy this discount, which can be applied to as many as two lines per account.

To sign up all you have to do is provide a valid military or veteran ID when you sign up for your plan.

Thank you for your service!

Let us know if you’re a first responder

If you are a medical doctor, nurse, medical assistant or Emergency Medical Technician, or a member of the fire department, Emergency Medical Services, police department or homeland security, you can get 10% off your monthly payment on the Unlimited Data Plan or 30GB Data Plan.

To sign up, provide the ID issued by your organization or other proof of employment, such as a check stub.

First responders keep the community safe and healthy all year round. Thank you for all you do for the community.

Military & First Responders Discounts

30GB Plan +
10GB Hotspot



• Unlimited local minutes

• Unlimited local text

• 10GB Mobile Hotspot

• 30GB Data

Unlimited Data Plan



• Unlimited local minutes

• Unlimited local text

• Unlimited Data

What do I need to know about the Military/First Responders discount?

What is the Military/First Responder Discount?

IT&E offers a 10% discount on select plans to honor our First Responders and Military Servicemen.  The discount can be applied to postpaid plans that are $55 or more, and must sign a 1 or 2-year contract. 

Postpaid Plan Standard Price Military/First Responder Price
Unlimited $80 $72.00
+ 10GB Mobile Hotspot
$55 $49.50
Do Military still get unlimited LD calls to the USA?

YES! Military may receive 10% off MRC ($55 Plan or higher) OR free LD calls to the USA. First Responders may not receive the free LD calls to the USA.

How many lines can avail of the Military/First Responder discount?

You can get up to two (2) lines per Account.

How do I qualify for the Military/First Responder Discount?

Bring in a current First Responder ID or Military ID when you apply for an IT&E postpaid plan to qualify.

    What First Responder IDs are eligable?

    IDs for the following servicemen and women are eligible: Medical Doctors, Nurses, Medical Assistants, COVID-19 Task Force, Fire Department, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Police Department, or Home Land Security.

    How long will the Military/First Responder discount be applied to my plan?

    The discount will be applied to your plan for the duration of your contract and will revert back to the standard price when the contract term is completed.  To continue to enjoy the discount you must validate your eligibility and  renew your contract.

    Can Marshalls avail the First Responder/Military Discount?

    Yes, the first Responder/Military Discount has been updated to include US Government/Federal Law Enforcement Personnel.

    Can the First Responder/Military Discount be combined with any other discounts and promotions?

    NO, the first Responder/Military Discount CANNOT be combined with any other discounts or current promotional offers.