What is the Student Discount?

IT&E offers a 10% discount on all postpaid plans for students.


Postpaid Plan

Standard Monthly payment

Student monthly payment














How do I get the Student Discount?

To get the Student Discount, you must bring your current Student ID when you apply for an IT&E postpaid plan. You must sign a 1- or 2-year contract with your plan to avail of the Student Discount.

How many lines can I avail of with the Student Discount?

The Student Discount is allowed for one (1) line per person (Student ID).  You cannot open multiple lines per Student ID.

How long will the Student Discount be applied to my plan?

The discount will be applied to your plan for the duration of your contract and will revert back to the standard price when the contract term is completed.  To continue to enjoy the discount you must validate your eligibility when you renew your contract.