Prepaid Loyalty Program

Get a Free $10.00 Prepaid Load Card when you turn in $50 worth of used IT&E Mobile Prepaid Cards at any IT&E location or participating mom-and-pop stores.

Where can I receive my FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

At any IT&E store location or the following participating mom-and-pop-stores: UR Market (Dededo), Hafa Adai Market (Yigo), Kimchi Market (Agat), Minagof Market (Tamuning), Nature Fresh Market (Dededo) SJ Market (Harmon), Joy Market (Tamuning), White Market (NCS), Toves Mart(Talofofo), Agat Oriental (Agat), Macheche Mart (Dededo), G Mart (Yigo)

Can I receive cash or in-store credit instead of the FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

No, customers can only receive the FREE $10 IT&E Mobile Prepaid Card.

Can I use my $5 load voucher receipt from the IT&E online store to redeem the FREE $10 Mobile Prepaid Card?

No. Purchases from the IT&E online store cannot be used to redeem the FREE $10 Mobile Prepaid Card.

After receiving my FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card, can I turn it in again to get another FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

No, the Free $10 Wireless Prepaid Card cannot be used for additional redemptions.

Is there a limit to how many FREE $10 prepaid cards I can receive?

Yes, customers may only receive one (1) FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card per week.

Is any IT&E Prepaid Wireless Card accepted for this loyalty program?

Only IT&E Motion Wireless Prepaid Cards are accepted.

What if my IT&E Prepaid Wireless Cards are not in good condition? Will I still be able to receive the FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

No, you will not be allowed to use any damaged IT&E Prepaid Mobile Cards to receive the FREE $10 Mobile Prepaid Card. Service Associates will determine if your IT&E Prepaid Mobile cards are in good condition upon turning them in.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

You can call our IT&E Customer Care Center at 671-922-4483 for any additional questions you might have.