Promotions / Prepaid Loyalty

Prepaid Loyalty Program

Get a Free $10.00 Prepaid Load Card when you turn in used IT&E Wireless Prepaid Cards at any IT&E location.

Where can I receive my FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

At any IT&E store location.

Can I receive cash or in-store credit instead of the FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

No, customers can only receive the FREE $10 IT&E Wireless Prepaid Card.

After receiving my FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card, can I turn it in again to get another FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

No, the Free $10 Wireless Prepaid Card cannot be used for additional redemptions.

Is there a limit to how many FREE $10 prepaid cards I can receive?

Yes, customers may only receive one (1) FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card per week.

Is any IT&E Prepaid Wireless Card accepted for this loyalty program?

Only IT&E Motion Wireless Prepaid Cards are accepted.

What if my IT&E Prepaid Wireless Cards are not in good condition? Will I still be able to receive the FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card?

No, you will not be allowed to use any damaged IT&E Prepaid Wireless Cards to receive the FREE $10 Wireless Prepaid Card. IT&E Customer Service Associates will determine if your IT&E Prepaid Wireless cards are in good condition upon turning them in.

Who can I contact if I have questions?

You can call our IT&E Customer Care Center at 671-922-4483 for any additional questions you might have.