Regardless of your industry, the number of employees you have, or even your target demographic, IT&E frontline+ services has the
knowledge and experience necessary to build an innovate, results-oriented call center solution for your business.

Frontline+ Inbound offers:

• Product and service support
• Customer service response and dispatch
• Technical support
• Receptionist Services

Frontline+ Outbound offers:

• Tier 1 Support
• Telesales
• Market research
• Surveillance Monitoring
• Alarm Notification
• Data management initiatives
• Product or service promotion


Designed with one (1) Supervisor per 15 representatives. A Manager oversees the department supported by a Resource Management
team of one (1) Supervisor and 3 Supervisor Assistants and a Quality Coordinator. All agents speak fluent English. Additionally, our
agents speak, Chamorro, Carolinian, and other Micronesian languages. We also have agents fluent in various dialects associated with
the Philippines. We have 24 hour on site management and/or lead representatives who continuously monitor service levels, network
and address any customer issues. On site team makes adjustment to staffing and profiling to ensure service levels are met as well as
customers expectations. Continued monitoring of our network via alarm notification and results to a quarter hour period are continuous. In addition to on site staff we also provide on call technical support and escalation contacts. Direct communications with your
company will be provided with a 24 hour number within the center and escalation to all on call management up to the Executive
Director. We also provide email updates and texting.

IT&E is ready to meet your performance objectives. We track objectives to quarter hour intervals to ensure daily, monthly and year end
results exceed the required objectives set by our customers. As an example we are providing our objectives and results for the past
year with Hawaiian Telcom, Time Warner and SIC.

Key metrics and performance indicators:

• Calls Answered• Calls answered (with in objective)
• Average Work Time
• Average Speed of Answer
• Abandonment Rate

Inital training of 3 weeks may be required to learn your products, services, processes and procedures. Minimal training would be
required for call handling and processing since our staff is well versed in Directory Assistance searches and customer service skills.