More people than ever are getting into gaming – from casual mobile gaming to competitive gaming on the PC or a console. Whichever way you prefer to game, IT&E has got your back with mobile data and home internet the widest network in Guam and the Northern Marianas.

Enjoy fast mobile data to avoid lag or reliable home internet to connect your gaming other other favorite devices, all at plans designed to give you the best value.

Unlimited Data for mobile gaming in Guam and the CNMI

Mobile games like Diablo Immortal and Mobile Legends are popular and exciting. Jump on in with a data plan that allows you to play all you want, wherever you want.

Avoid worrying about hitting a data cap with IT&E’s Unlimited Data Plan for as low as $65 a month when you bring your own phone. Sign up for a Bring Your own Phone (BYP) and you’ll get 2 months free on a 24-month term and 1 month free on a 12-month term. Learn more about this Bring Your own Phone Plan here.

Need a phone and a new plan, too? Choose from top devices and enjoy unlimited data for just $80 a month. Save even more on unlimited data for you and loved ones by adding as many two lines to your main unlimited plan for just $55 each line.  Learn more about Unlimited and other data plans here. Find the perfect device for gaming on our online store or visit us in-store to see what iPads we have in stock.

Wireless Home Internet for PC and console gaming in Guam

Internet doesn’t have to be expensive. For a short time only, get HALF OFF BEAM Home Internet in Guam for up to 6 months. BEAM is a wireless home Internet solution that delivers internet download speeds of up to 75 Mbps.

The fastest available speed available is 75 Mbps for only $37.50 for the first 6 months on a 24-month term or 3 months on a 12-month term. Then it’s only $75 a month after that. You can also choose between the 50 Mbps plan for $30 on promo ($60 regular) or 24 Mbps for $25 on promo ($50 regular).

Bundle up your home internet and gaming for more savings and gaming. Get 75 Mbps and UNLIMITED mobile data in Guam for just $87.50 a month for the first 6 months on a 24-month term or 3 months on a 12-month term. Then, it’s just $125 a month after that.

You’ll even get a FREE GIFT when you sign up.

See if BEAM is right for you without worrying about high fees for canceling! Try it for 7 days when you sign up for 12- or 24-month contract term. If you decide it’s not for you, cancel before the trial period ends without paying any penalty fees. BEAM services are also available on a month-to-month basis, so you can decide at any time to sign a contract and get your free gift or cancel all together.

Go to  today to see if you’re within the coverage area and to sign up.

Home Internet Bundles for PC and console gaming in the CNMI

So many great games are coming out at the end of this year. Be ready for them with the only typhoon-proven network in the CNMI!

IT&E’s wireline network in the CNMI is buried underground, reducing the risk of service interruptions due to bad weather or geography. Plus, a wired internet connection is ideal for multiplayer online gaming like the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and more.

Enjoy download speeds of up to 50 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps for as low as $95 month on a 2-Service Home Internet Bundle that includes Home Phone service. Get connected at home and on the go with a 3-Service Home Internet Bundle that includes Mobile Data for as low as $130 for 10GB. You can also take your pick form bundles with Unlimited Mobile Data for $173 or 20GB for $140.

Every bundle comes includes a FREE GIFT.

Learn more here.

Delivering value and making internet more accessible to everyone is a top priority at IT&E, whether you’re online to game, go to school, to work, or to entertain yourself.

Join the network that delivers connections that matter.

 A young father and soon sit on a living room couch with video game controllers in hand. They are looking at each other as the enjoy time spent together playing video games supported by IT&E's Home Internet.