Go Big in 2021 - Double Data

With Double Data, you get twice the amount of data on select postpaid plans at the same low price. That’s more data to shop, play, work, learn, and do all the things you love to do online.

Double data means double the fun!
We’ve increased the data on our 10 GB plan to 20 GB of data for only $50 a month and our 5 GB is now 10 GB of data for only $30 a month.

And that’s just the Standard Postpaid Plans. If you already have a phone you’ve already paid for, sign up for a Bring Your Phone (BYP) Plans and get even more data! The 20 GB BYP Plan is now 40 GB for only $50 a month and the 8 GB BYP Plan is now 16 GB for only $30 a month.

Imagine what you could do with more data: Watch that extra episode. Beat another level on that online game. Stay on that video call for as long as you want.

Head to any IT&E store to sign up for your new Standard Postpaid plan or BYP Plan. Or skip the line and shop for a new phone and new plan in our online store.

But all good things must come to an end, so be sure to sign up before January 31, 2021 to take advantage of Double Data before it’s gone.


Free Activation and $50 off one month service when you switch to IT&E

Postpaid Service

Every postpaid plan includes unlimited local talk and text, with the option to add unlimited long-distance calls to the US for only $10 a month. Select your data bucket: UNLIMITED, 10GB, and 5 GB. Great plans are also available for families, like our Share Plan and UNLIMITED+. Already have a phone you love? Keep it and sign up for a Bring Your Phone Plan and enjoy more data!

On top of our affordable rates, if you’re a teacher, student, veteran, member of the military, or a first responder, you’re eligible for special discounts on your monthly plan!

Earn 500 PacificPoints


Plus, as an IT&E subscriber you can earn rewards for travel, fuel and discounts on your IT&E bill when you sign up for PACIFICPOINTS – our all-new loyalty program!

Technical Support

Got questions about switching your SIM?

Making the switch is a big step. Get all the information you need to make the leap.

Check out our FAQ bellow to learn more about how you can enjoy a $50 credit and FREE activation when you bring your number to IT&E.  To learn more about how to bring your number over, check out our blog.

You can also chat live with a Customer Service Representative to ask for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Double Data?
  • • Enjoy DOUBLE the amount of data at the same great price when you sign up for select Standard Single or Bring Your Phone (BYP) plans on a 12- or 24-month term.
  • • Now you can enjoy 10GB for only $30 a month and 20GB for only $50 a month on the Standard Single Postpaid Plan. Sign up for the BYP Plan and enjoy 40GB for only $50 and 16GB for only $30 a month.
  • • Plus, bring your number (port-in) from your previous service provider and get $50 off your next monthly statement and FREE activation. Learn more here (link to $50 port-in Landing page).
  • • Subscribers that sign up on the $50 and $30 BYP plan will still enjoy free MRC on top of this promo. They will receive 1 month free MRC for 12 months contract and 2 months free MRC for 24 months contract.
Is this offer available in both CNMI and Guam?

This offer is available in both CNMI and Guam.

Can I get this offer with the Special Group Discounts and the standard device prices?

This offer is valid on top of Special Group discounts, such as the Student/Teacher and Military/First Responder discounts, and the standard device prices. This offer is also valid on top of PacificPoints 500 Bonus Points promo.

How do I sign up for Double Data?
  • • Head to the nearest IT&E store to sign up for the BYP Plan or to activate a new Standard Postpaid Plan.
  • • You can also skip the line by purchasing a new phone and signing up for a new Postpaid Plan online.
How long will Double Data be available?

The Double Data promo is only available when you sign up for a plan from January 8 to 31, 2021.

Can I port-in more than one phone number and get $50 Port-in credit for each phone number?

Yes. The $50 Port-in credit is eligible for each phone number.

What are the requirements?
  • • Available with new Postpaid plan activations and eligible renewals
  • • Standard Single and Bring-Your-Phone (BYP) Postpaid Plans only
  • • 12- or 24-months contract term required
  • • Residential customer only
  • • Guam & CNMI
  • • Eligible for $50 port-in credit and FREE activation
  • • Standard credit check policies apply
  • • Double Data bucket will revert to standard data once contract term is completed