When will this 3Days+1Day promotion end?

This promotion will end on April 30, 2020.

How do I subscribe to the 3Days + 1Day prepaid plan?

To subscribe to this special promotional plan, you can either call *289*130# or text Promo Unli to 3282

How much will be deducted from my prepaid load balance for the 3Days+1Day prepaid plan?

A total of $7.50 will be deducted from your prepaid load balance on the first day of the 3Days+1Day prepaid plan.

Do I have to resubscribe to the 3Days+1Day plan after the 4th day?

Your subscription to the 3Days+1Day plan will automatically renew on the 5th day if you have enough funds (= or > $7.50). If you do you have enough funds, your account will revert to Pay-As-You-Go and will automatically renew once enough funds are loaded.

What happens to my plan after April 30?

Your account will revert to Pay-As-You-Go. However, after the promotional period you can always sign up on our Super Unlimited DAF Plan for $2.50 a day by texting Plan Unli to 3282.